Important Essay For HSLC examination

Essay is most important for our board examinations of HSLC and HS. It help to carry a big number in our board examination. It is a big headache Most of the students because it has bore job to keep in mind as well as there have lots of essay in our essay book. Students are confused that which essay should he remember for his board examination. 

They can’t find the important essay in her book So therefore they have to be remembered lots of essay which is difficult for some students. So I bring a solution on this problem that I have done a prediction as I saw previous record of board examination. Some of the Essay are listed below which came in previous five year examination.

Sl.No. Name of the EssayYear 
1. i) The Festival you like most
ii) Television as a source of knowledge 
2. i) Science in everyday life
ii) Your School Library 
3. i) Benefits of Physical Exercise
ii) Your Last day at School 
4. i) Punctuality
ii) The Festival you like most
5. i) Science in Everyday Life
ii) Travelling as a part of Education 

As we seen above in the figure An essay is repeated at every three years later. So Benefits of Physical Exercise is most important essay for in this year which came before three years ago. There are also Some important Essay for HSLC 2021

1. Benefits of Physical Exercise 

Movement of the various limbs of the body is called physical exercise. It implies exertion of the different parts of the body. There are different kinds of physical exercise. To preserve good health. Physical exercise is of utmost necessity.…more

2. Festival You Like Most 

The festival I like most is Bihu. Bihu is the national festival of Assam. The Bihu festival is celebrated thrice- in the pousha samkranti, chaitra samkranti and ashvina samkranti. It is the indication of three different stage of agricultural life and the nature alike.…more

3. Flood in Assam 

It Assam we get plenty of rain in the rainy in the rainy season. As all the big rivers, rivelets, lakes and stream are filled with water. At times up high above the normal level, overflows the banks and submerges the area all around.…more

4. Television as a source of knowledge 

Television is one of the wonders of modern science. It brings very distant object near. We hear news, songs, drams and at the same time see the persons participating in these programmes. Formerly radio brought to us distant sounds. It makes us see anything happening in the remotest part of the world.…more

5. Discipline

Discipline is the habit of acting properly. The exact world derives Cam the word 'disciple' - which means a learner. So discipline indicates learning of some rules, In every walk of life man has to obev certain rules. This respect for and obedience to rule is called discipline. Discipline plays an important part inour life. Man is a social being. He cannot live alone.…more

6. Newspaper 

The newspaper is of great importance to modern life. No civilized country or government can go on without newspapers now a days. Newspapers give us news of far and near and information's on political, social and economic matters. As far as we know newspaper was first introduced by the Chinese.…more

7. Great Man of Admire [ Mahatma Gandhi ]

Of all the great men, I do admire Mahatma Gandhi most. In Mahatma Gandhi most. In Mahatma Gandhi I find many rare qualities, for which every Indian owes him a lot. I regard him the true ideal of a great man.…more

8. Science in Everyday Life 

We now live in an age of Science has so many blessings to us. It has made our lives easy and comfortable. It adds much to the joys of our lives.…more

9. Punctuality 

A stich in time saves nine" goes the proverb. It means that everybody should do his duty at the right moment. If we remain idle. we shall get nothing. Punctually means the habit of doing things exactly in time. A punctual man always acquires advantageous position.…more

10. Travelling as a part of Education 

A saying goes thus a man without travel is like a frog in the well. " Traveling means going from place to place for different purpose. Nobody can deny the importance of traveling. Some people travel of pleasure, some for business, while others for education and health. Traveling introduces us with new places and persons, new things and ideas, it keeps aside the monotony of life and relishes a freshens to the minds.…more