Short Essay on Science in everyday Life

We now live in an age of Science has so many blessings to us. It has made our lives easy and comfortable. It adds much to the joys of our lives. 

Gift of Science : Science has given us so many blessings. From morning till night we have depend on the invention of Science. Early in the morning tea is prepared with the help of electric oven or gas stove. The radio brings to us morning news. Television brings to us distant objects. Man may travel in bus, taxi or railway. Electric fans are used in School, College or Office. Letter may be typed in type writer. 

Calculator is used to calculate figures. Clothes may be washed easily in washing machines. Food items may be kept for hours in a Refrigerator. In this way modern man depends on various scientific invention. Many travel through air or water. They listen to radio or record player. Man may take medicine and get cured. 

Cotton mills weave our cloths. Paper mills make paper. Electricity, railway, telephone, telegraph, radio, television, computer, etc. are the gift of Science. We cannot think a moment's living without science. It has alleviated our pain and misery. It increases our comfort. It makes life easy. Science has done many wonders for us. 

Conclusion : Science has played an important role in the present age. But it has our lives to some extent artificial.