Punctuality important essay for HSLC Examination

A stich in time saves nine" goes the proverb. It means that everybody should do his duty at the right moment. If we remain idle. we shall get nothing. Punctually means the habit of doing things exactly in time. A punctual man always acquires advantageous position. 

A punctual man gats enough time to do his work. He Can do his work according to his plan. He never faces any difficulty and is never responsible for causing inconvenience to others. He can command respect and admiration from others. A punctual man can do work much more than a persin lacking in this habit. 

Punctuality is essential for men in every walk of life. For students it is very important. It is a blessing to them. A punctual student comes to school in time. He knows when the school begins. He can take his seat in the front bench. An unpunctual student comes late and always becomes a back bencher. He misses a lot of his lessons. His life becomes miserable. 

In business, punctuality does a good deal. A'businessman has to be very particular about this habit. Otherwise his business suffers terribly. He has to deal with various persons with engagements in time. If he fails, he earns a bad name and hi business suffers.

In public life also punctuality is essential. Even in private life. Punctuality must be maintained. We find that very often in our public meetings, the presidents, appointed speakers come late. This is quite discouraging. 

An unpunctual man often misses the bus, misses the train. It is a blessing of science that the invention of clock and watch help us to be punctual. 

History shows us that punctuality won victory. Napoleon was de- feated in Waterloo because his Lieutenant Commander arrived the battlefield five minutes late.