Essay on Travelling as a part of Education

A saying goes thus a man without travel is like a frog in the well. " Traveling means going from place to place for different purpose. Nobody can deny the importance of traveling. Some people travel of pleasure, some for business, while others for education and health. Traveling introduces us with new places and persons, new things and ideas, it keeps aside the monotony of life and relishes a freshens to the minds. 

Whatever be the purpose of traveling, it does a lot of good to us. We derive enough benefits from it. This is a tested truth. It enables us to see important places. It makes it possible for us to meet various characters to different countries. Travelling helps us to know people intimately. We become familiar with the manners and customs of the people of different places. In return they also get an opportunity of knowing us. Travelling broadens our outlook. Travelling plays an important part in education too . It brings the world and the people nearer to us. 

In ancient time travellers of the different countries visited India. Meghasthenes, Fahien, Huen Tsang made visit to India. They wrote many valuable notes about India and her people. In the region of Varman dynasty in Assam a Chinese traveler called Huen-Tsang paid a visit to Assam. From his writings we get many important records and events of Assam including historical documents. 

Travelling in ancient time was very difficult and dangerous. There were no good means of communication. People had to make their journey on foot, by boats or by carts and on camels. A lot of time was needed for going from one place to another. Travelling was dangerous because of the ferocious animals and dacoits too. But now a days science has given us improved means of traveling. Aero plane, bus, train and ships have made long journey possible. 

Travelling is a great source of pleasure. It brings refreshment to our lives. New lands and people, beauties of nature and landscape and the pleasure of going on bus; train, ships or Aeroplane makes our lives worth-living. We can collect new ideas and experience through traveling. 

Therefore we should cultivate a spirit of traveling. We should go out whenever we get a chance, we get good guides and guide books of the big cities and towns on small payments, Traveling does away with timid ness. So we should make it a habit of going abroad at least once a year.