Essay on Television important essay for HSLC Examination

What it is : Television is one of the wonders of modern science. It brings very distant object near. We hear news, songs, drams and at the same time see the persons participating in these programmes. Formerly radio brought to us distant sounds. It makes us see anything happening in the remotest part of the world. 

Its invention : Television was first invented by John L.Baird in England in the year 1926. Many experiments were done on the de- vice and television has got its presents form. 

How it works : In big cities Television centers are there. There are big transmitters in these centers. Photos of any event or programme are first taken. The transmitter can transform sound and photos into waves. These sounds and photos move in the either. The receiving sets placed at distant places can receive these waves. The sound and photos are reproduced in the screen of the receiving set. 

Usefulness : Television has assumed the roles of both radio and cinema. We can enjoy drama, football, cricket matches from a long distance. It is a good medium of education and recreation. There are pictures and pictures, some for general people, some for adults and some for children. There are educational, cultural, informative and scientific films. Television can take us to the sky, to the zoos of the world, to the deep see, to the dense forest, to the field of games and sports, to meetings addressed by great men of the world. 

Now people can see landing on the moon and spaceflight through television. Sitting at the comfortable atmosphere of home, people can see the events happening throughout the world. Television helps us to know many things of great importance. It can take us to distant places historical, cultural and religious. We can see great cities, high mountains, political leaders, devastating storms, heart-breaking incidents in the screen of a television set. We see places without going there. We known things without reading. 

Conclusion: Therefore television has great educative value. At present television sets are costly. Poor people cannot buy it. It's benefits are not reaching millions. Yet television is great blessing for mankind.