Essay on Physical Exercise important essay for HSLC Examination

Movement of the various limbs of the body is called physical exercise. It implies exertion of the different parts of the body. There are different kinds of physical exercise. To preserve good health. Physical exercise is of utmost necessity. 

Physical exercise helps us to prevent different diseases of the body. There is a saying, "prevention is better than cure." Due to want of physical exercise we suffer from various diseases. To take physical exercise regularly is one of the best means.of preserving health. Riding, swimming, walking, football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, gymnastics, rowing, dancing are some of the common physical exercise. 

These exercises are very helpful. They keep the body free from any ailments. These exercises should be taken regularly in the open air. Over exercise is at the same time harmful to health.There is a close-relation between the body and the mind. Physical exercise makes the mind sound. A sound mind is only possible in a sound body. 
If the body unsound, the mind must be unsound. A sound mind is a source of happiness. A man with an unsound mind is always unhappy. He cannot enjoy life. His life becomes miserable. There are certain rules for physical exercise. These rules should be strictly followed. Some limits must be maintained. Taking exercise in a wrong way also tells upon the health. 

Many students do not take exercise. They spend all their time in study. As a result limbs of their bodies become weak. They bring ruin of their health. As a result they become unfit for hard labor. Now a days, physical exercise has been made a subject of school curriculum. 

We think physical exercise should be made compulsory in our school. Proper education should be accompanied by physical exercise. We may conclude that all men should possess a sound body to enjoy the bliss of life. To achieve this everybody should take physical exercise regularly.