Introduction- origin and growth - functions- vehicle of public opinion- usefulness- merits & demerits.

The newspaper is of great importance to modern life. No civilized country or government can go on without newspapers now a days. Newspapers give us news of far and near and information's on political, social and economic matters. As far as we know newspaper was first introduced by the Chinese. 

It was followed by other advanced countries. In India too, there were no newspaper before the British came. Now there are hundreds of newspaper in different language regional and foreign. The main function of a newspaper is to collect and cater news. It publishes the news of all sorts from different part of the country of the world. We are able to know the happenings of the countries of he world through newspapers. 

The newspaper is the chief agency of expressing public opinion. It publishes the opinion of public from different platform. It also publishes the opinion of the government and of different political parties for and against the government, It exercises great influence in moulding public opinion. 

A newspaper publishes news on trade and commerce, industry, sports and other allied subjects. It serves the purpose for merchants, industrialists, statesman and sportsmen alike. It is a vehicle of propaganda for different political parties. It is also a part of education. We can fight against illiteracy and ignorance. We may know about the recent and latest inventions of the world incidents like devastating, earthquake, damage by cyclone, plane crash, plan hijacking, These may be made known through newspaper. 

Newspapers are not only the bliss to human-kind but is also a curse. They often encourage agitation, communal riot and jealous- party felling. They sometimes manipulate news in favour of a party or ideology they support. They can minimised  agitation or movement or add fuel to the fire in any movement they support. This is dishonest journalism. It does a lot of harm to the people. 

The editors of newspapers have a great responsibility. They must De conscious, true and sincere. They can do good to the people as well as evil to the society. True and sincere journalism shows the true and sincere love towards mankind.