Essay on Mother Teresa

Introduction : In this world some men and women are born for others. They live for others and spend every moment of their lives for others. They have nothing of their own. They dedicate their lives for the betterment of the society as a whole. Such a woman was Mother Teresa. She was not born great, but she achieved greatness by her deeds. She was born as a woman but worked as an angle. She was kindness, itself in human form. 

Early Life : Mother Teresa was born of a poor parents at Scoopse town of Yogoslavia on the 27th August of 1910. The parents called the girl by the name, Agnes, Agnes Ganja Baggio was her full name. She was sent to a primary school of that town. There was an institution of the religious priests near the school. Agnes joined the institution at the age of twelve. While she was there, she had come in to contact with the various sufferings of the people. 

She was moved by the suffering of the people owing to disease, hunger and thirst. She decided to do something for the suffering humanity. For six years she worked as a social worker in her own town against the will of her parents. But at last her parents allowed her to do what she liked. Agnes accepted the invitation of the suffering humanity. 

At that time a priest"s association of Yogoslave was working in Calcutta. Thepriests invited Agnes to come to Calcutta. For there are various scopes to work for suffering humanity in India. In the year 1929 Agnes came to Calcutta at the age of nineteen. 

Career : After Agnes had reached Calcutta she joined the Saint Margaret School as a teacher of geography. Thereafter she became the head of a grou[ of Bengali girls. For sometimes she was a principal of that school. In this way she passed her days in different activities. In 1946 she went to Darjeeling . 

After return from Darjeeling she left the job of school and dedicated her life, to social work. She heard the call of Jesus Christ and decided to work for the poor and the down-trodden. She sacrificed her life for the pleasure and pain of others. She worked among the sick, the down trodden and people suffering from various discases like leprosy. She worked among the victims of flood, earthquake, riot and famine etc. Every moment of her life was spent on the service of suffering humanity. 

She was then known as the Mother Teresa for her selfless works. She worked for the orphans of different places and opened many orphan houses. She begged materials from different people for the orphans and the ailing. Service to mankind became the motto and ideals of her life. She worked not only in India but in different places of the world to lessen miseries of the people. 

In 1948 Mother Teresa accepted the citizenship of India. Then she started her selfless and systematic work at Calcutta and established a human service institution there. The Pope also recognized her selfless service. In 1954 Mother Teresa set up an institution named Nirmal Hriday. There she set up the poor, ailing, the orphan and people suffering from various malaise of the society. After Nirmal Hriday, the mother set up Nirmal Sisubhawan. 

There she gave shelter to thousands of orphans. In India the mother set up many such orphan houses. She set up such houses in different countries of the world. Moreover she set schools for the orphans in India and abroad. She set up hospitals for the suffering humanity. In this way the mother organized sixty schools, 213 charitable hospitals and 54 leprosy treatment centre throughout the world. 

More than twenty thousand orphans are taking shelter in her orphan houses. Besides Calcutta, countries like America, Austrialia and many others are the seats of her work. Whenever she heard the cries of suffering humanity the mother arrived there and worked to lessen their agony. Throughout her life she worked for world-peace and universal brotherhood. 

Ideology : The mother told people to keep faith on God. God has sent us to this world not only for our own but for others also. We should try to love others as we love ourselves. Then and then only the world will the full of peace and prosperity. We should try to spend few minutes of our life for others also. Then the world will be pleasant one and a worth living place. 

Recognition of Mother's activities : Recognition from differ- ent corners of the works. The Govt. of India conferred on her, the award Padmashree, In 1971 she was awarded Pope's peace award. In that year she got good Samaritan award, Kenney International award and Dr of Hyman letters award, Rajib Gandhi Sadbhawna award etc. 

In 1972 she was awarded the famous Nehru Award. In 1979 the mother was awarded the Highest award, the Noble Award for peace. In 1980 the Govt. Of India conferred on her the highest award, Bharat Ratna, Moreover she got many each awards from different countries of the world. She spent all the cash and money of different awards not for her own but for the suffering humanity of the world. 

Death : This greatest soul and friend of human being passed away on the 5th September, 1997. All the world mourned her death. The angle of world peace is no more.