Introduction- importance in life- a secret of success- value at school, home and in public life- sports, games and in army- conclusion.

Essay on Discipline important essay for HSLC

Discipline is the habit of acting properly. The exact world derives Cam the word 'disciple' - which means a learner. So discipline indicates learning of some rules, In every walk of life man has to obev certain rules. This respect for and obedience to rule is called discipline. Discipline plays an important part inour life. Man is a social being. He cannot live alone. 

In a society the people must look to the interest of each others. So certain rules are framed for regulating their conduct. Otherwise, there is every possibility for chaos. If we look in our family, there is discipline. The members of the family obey the head. If every member does not act according to his will, the family will break down for want to discipline. 

In student life discipline has great importance, Students are to obey their parents and teachers. They are to follow the rules of the school Good education is impossible without discipline. In the play ground the players must maintain discipline to win the game. They must obey their captain's order. 

In the army discipline is of utmost Importance. Every soldier must obey his commanding officer. Indis- cipline soldiers are punished by their officer. Indiscipline army is de- feated in the battlefield. A disciplined army is a great strength to a country. It seems discipline takes away individual liberty. But it is not so. It is not a license to do anything and everything what one likes to do. Discipline is the root of success. 

A man who wants to be successful in life must be disciplined first. depends on how we live it. An hour of glorious life is better than an age without name. People who do not take life seriously and passes the days eating, drinking and with merriment are lrving's Rip Van Winkle. Such life does not mean life. 

Life is much more than that. There is no one in this world who does not work to earn his livelihood. But there is nothing remarkable in such work. His works centre round himself. There are fruitless to others. But there is a different class of people who work for the betterment of the society, for the state and for the world as a whole, Such people are very few. The share other's smile as his own and in the time of distress their heart wakes with pity. 

They come forward to help the downtrodden. They are born with special qualities which are not found in the common folk. They think more and work more than other ordinary men do. A man may die very young. But if he done good work during his short span of life he is remembered by all. Shelley and Keats died young. But they contributed much to the literary field. Hence they are famous in the world. But a man who has no record of good work is forgotten by all within a short time. 

Good deeds are not easy. These involve risk. Yet man should try to do some good to leave a name after him. If we win the heart of the people with our noble, deeds it will keep us alive in their memory. We shall never die- because examples of great men teaches us the truth.